Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Performance Tuning ColdFusion

This is a great place to start "Performance tuning for ColdFusion applications". Don't be scared off by the Jvm memory tuning stuff. If you can tune your JVM this article has other good nuggets of info.

My tuning tips:
  • Turn on the debugging info and the " " setting. Or just this setting as enabling everything can suck up a lot of memory. Look for not only long running code but code that you did not expect to run more than once or N times. If something only takes 30ms but runs 100 times maybe you could still tune it to run less. Especially something that may only take 30ms in development could make a huge impact if it starts taking 100ms say.
  • Indexing your db tables properly can help a lot. Sometimes we create tables, write a bunch of code and forget to go back and look at what fields we actually used in the where clause or joins. Sometimes things change and that primary key may not be "the field" you used.

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