Friday, June 15, 2012

Open letter to Coleman

Open letter to Coleman, I recently bought your WeatherMaster 10 tent. The directions on setting the tent up were nice. The tent was of good quality also. However the directions did not show how to fold the tent back up so it would fit in the bag. Keep in mind this is a 10 person tent so it's more like a duffle bag. The bag was very poor quality, with poor handles and no wheels. My last 6 person Gander Mt. tent had a very nice double zipper, double handle, good quality, with wheels bag that the tent fit back into even if we folded it slightly different. Coleman could you have just spent a little more on this bag. To me camp site break time down is right up there with tent quality. Please add the folding directions to the instructions and spend even a inch or two more fabric on the bag if nothing else.