Monday, September 21, 2009

Roggenbier fermenting

Well I brewed a partial mash clone of Schell's Roggenbier this weekend. This was about 4 lbs of grain, the most grain I have ever partial mashed. I decided to break out a cooler and use my two grain bags. Previously I had just mashed in the pot. Well I missed my mash temp a bit, 148 instead of 152 range. I could not add more water since I still only have a 4 gallon brew kettle. Schell's does a step mash with these steps:
  • 95F 5 minutes
  • 113F 20 Minutes
  • 144F 10 minutes
  • 162F 30 Minutes
  • 172F mash out
After that it was pretty good. As always I forgot to take an OG before pitching and darned if I was going to try after that. I'm fermenting it at 62 for the first several days then will ramp it to 68 over several days.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Cell phone phone home

If anyone finds my cell phone please call the Home listed in contacts. Thank you. Last seen Tuesday 9/8 and goes by the name of "cell phone". It might need a charge by now but if it has power it will have a picture of my daughter on the background.

UPDATE: A humming downstairs couch revealed my cell phone.