Tuesday, June 29, 2010

National Homebrew Conference

NHC 2010 was awesome.

In General:
Registration went fast and the sessions were well staffed. The commemorative beers and meads where very good. Having a jockybox for clubs to use for serving at the hospitality suite was very nice. The vendor selection in the hospitality suite was great. All the staff were very helpful and ready to serve you.

Sponsors and Vendors: wow there were some great swag in the hospitality suite. Five star chemical and Sam adams had some of the best.

Blichman Engineering, More Beer and Sabco all had awesome displays of brewing gear.

My best session: the Mead tasting panel. Wow, getting to taste 6 honeys and 6 meads was awesome.

I was unable to attend Sat. but hear the dinner and award ceremony where awesome.

My personal highlights:
Meeting the king of IPA (tasty) at Burger king
Meeting the brewcasters from the Brewing Network including Chad's dad and Terrance the black. Most brewcasters are taller than they appear on video.
The Whites from White Labs where very nice and smiled a lot.
Getting beer from John Mauer from Rogue.
JP spraying beer radio all over Justin's face. Guess you should have worn those goggles I sent you for burning man.
Pro-brewer night was awesome, wow, some great beers. I do wish more breweries sent actual employees rather than distributor reps.
Ginger snaps are really great for breakfast
Finding out Jamil once designed paintball equipment.
Meeting who ate all the pies, great guy.
Club night was off the hook! Wow some nice club booths and beers.
Having Sean Paxton liking my brewers crackers that were his recipe!

Everyone was very friendly and the hotel and staff were awesome.