Tuesday, May 10, 2011

To kill explorer.exe or not

Yeah, I wouldn't say I've been missing it Bill...I killed explorer.exe and I have no task bar, no desktop, no context menu's. I just have what ever apps were already running and alt+tab baby! Clean and mean, focused.

In the beginning there was a large AS$ file that I knew was probably a little large. Well, uh, dude your head exploded. Then my system froze like a tear on a snowman. The pacifist in my decided to wait and just let things work man. Then about 30 seconds later I said KICK IT! Then proceeded to try and stop the file load.

1. ESC, the go to button, the number one EXIT button.
2. Alt+F4, its not just a good hacker name, its the second EXIT.
3. Task Manager, no not my list of crap to do. The master of the tasks your enslaved cpu does for you. This is the EMERGENCY EXIT, or as noted in the menu sometimes its called end process or the more direct 'kill".
4. Previous to this you might have had a semblance of a shell or kernel. Now, you've got the power, at least the power button. The kill switch, the hammer, the plug, the terminator, the lack of electrons, or EJECT.

After 1, 2, I did 3 and killed explorer.exe. Come on man! This hog of a cpu must go. Oh its so worth my time, DELETED!

Cool, I have no task bar now, or menu or context menu. What's cool is I still know how to navigate the apps and tabs within the apps. Alt+tab between apps, ctlr+tab between tabs, tab or alt your way to selection.

Thank you to Bill Gates and his team for making an OS that is not to shabby. Just don't block the EXITS.

Did I mention I have no shutdown functionality. Z power button it is! Grid off.

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