Monday, December 7, 2009

Spreading the merrymint. Mint Lip Balm

Merrymint mint lip balm recipe (kind of like burt's bees)

makes about 12 -15 of the .15 oz tubes

  • A sauce pan you don't care about to melt things in.
  • Digital scale is really nice to have
  • Having a tube filling tray really helps.
  • Spatula
  • A place to fill the tubes that you can get lip balm all over. I used a cake pan.

1 oz beeswax (our wax was from a bee keeper)
0.5 oz virgin coconut oil (more like butter)
0.5 oz regular coconut oil (more like butter)
0.3 oz lanolin oil (helps to warm it)
0.8 oz sunflower oil
5 drops rosemary oil (high quality)
30 - 40 drops peppermint oil (medium quality)

optional: vitamin E oil.

Heat all on very low/melt heat.
When melted add the rosemary and peppermint drops.
Pour into tubes.

About the recipe: we started with a recipe off the internet and I used all virgin coconut oil first and found it was to strong of a coconut flavor. The regular coconut oil did not have as much aromatics and was also softer. We also went 50/50 on wax to coconut oils to get a softer stick. You can use 1.5 oz wax to get a harder stick if you like. We also found that our rosemary oil was very high quality and cut it in half.


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