Friday, August 7, 2009

Thank You Boston Beer Company

I entered a raspberry wheat beer in to the Samuel Adams LongShot 2009 competition a while back. Its a free competition to enter and you get BJCP score sheets back. I placed 4th out of 10 in the fruit beer category for my region. Not to bad. An average of 32 for score. I have to say this was not my best version of the raspberry wheat in the first place. I was brew at someone elses house at the same time we where and mistakes were made. But not a bad placement.

So I received my score sheets and one thing I totally did not expect. A free hat, almost as good as free beer. This is a very nice hat with embroidery on the back that says LongShot and on the side that says 2009 homebrewer. There were 1500+ entries nation wide so the Boston Beer Company put some real dollars behind.

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