Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Belgianish Ale Project - Feeding a fermentation

Well after listening to an interview with Sean Paxton the homebrew chef talking about how Rochefort brews their beers I decided to try an experiment. Rochefort brews 4 days and pitches the entire yeast on day 1 and adds the wort, then adds more wort the following days. They are doing this on a 1078OG beer. So I wanted to try something like this and partial because I have a 1500ml Wyeast Belgian Ale 1214 starter that was ready but did not have the time to brew with yet. So I brewed up a 1 gallon belgian style 1050 OG wort to feed to the starter. In a day or two I'm going to feed it (add to it) another wort in the 1095 OG+ range. I'd like to feed it one more time to build it up to a little over 3 gallons of around a 1080 beer. I might also feed it belgian candi syrup (dark) after that but prob only if I have time and only if its active fermentation.

Feeding 1 recipe (brewed 7/21)

Feeding 2 recipe (brewed 7/24)

Feeding 3 - life got in the way and did not do this.

Feeding 4 - ???

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