Thursday, May 21, 2009

Saison Du Mont - AHA Big Brew Beer

For the AHA's Big Brew on May 2nd a fellow club member and I split a 10 gallon batch of the Saison Du Mont and pitched different yeast. He pitched the While Labs Saison yeast and I pitched a Wyeast French Saison (special edition) yeast. We both fermented around 64 ish the first couple days then ramped the temp up the best we could to 78-80. The French Saison yeast hit 1.008 and I think the White Labs was at 1.014 yet but I have not talked to him in a week or so. Its been about a week since I bottled mine and I put one in the fridge the other day. Quality control is very important.

Appearance: It was already carbonated and had a nice head that formed lace. I think it has a little more carbonating to go.

Aroma: The aroma was like a Wit, orange and spicy but seemed a little more funky.

Mouth feel: It was very smooth and finished dry. Maybe a little more carbonation yet.

Taste: It tasted very much like a Wit but not as strong orange and corriander. It was more bitter (25 IBU) than my usual Wit's (16 - 18 IBU) and my wife mentioned the bitterness. Its also pretty green yet. There was a that Belgian funk taste in the after taste. A good thing if you like the Belgians.

Overall a very good beer for one week after bottling. It should turn out to be a nice summber beer.

PS At right is the label I made for it.

Brew stong!

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